The Ocean of Roses

Dawn Bak is a dear supporter of my artistry, entrusting me with the bespoke tailoring of all her ROM, wedding and evening dresses, and I’m extremely glad that this dressmaking journey has allowed our friendship to blossom just like the lovely handcrafted roses on her gown.

This bespoke gown was designed based on Dawn’s theme of roses. 100 % silk organza was picked to give the gown a light texture, and in different shades of blue – Dawn’s favourite colour. A combination of sky blue, tiffany blue and sea blue were specially selected for they complement Dawn’s fair skin well. This dreamy gown was fully handcrafted to achieve the natural textures of roses and waves, as well as seamlessly blend all 3 shades of blue.

As a finishing touch to this art, a structured black satin bow was created, adding an outstanding character to the soft feel of the roses. Dawn was beyond satisfied with this elegant gown and its meticulous details, especially the elaborate waves of fabric that fashioned the effect of roses.

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