Scarlet Poppy

The scarlet soft lace flowers that crowd her shoulders resemble that of a meadow of poppies- growing passionately, wildly. The soft lace flowers begin to trickle off into distinct blooms of red, corded lace embellishments down the bustier.

The rich, jewel smoothness of the ruby duchess satin forms the base of this piece. With its flirty silhouette enhanced with the boldly beautiful bow at the back. Coupled with the way the back cut out was crafted; it almost resembles a bloom, with neat curves that emanate from the bow, this dress is captivating as it is lively.

Constantly inspired by nature and its marvelous wonders, the vibrancy and delicacy of the poppy and its petals have inspired me to incorporate the scallop detailing consistently throughout this dress. The scarlet poppy flower is a wonderful metaphor for this blooming creation.

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