There is a lot of flamboyance and sass to this marvelous, scarlet creation. Oozing a great deal of character with its Samba, meets Salsa dance, meets Mother Nature; the Sasha gown takes on a life of its own.

To create vibrancy and life like never before, I played with two different types of organza, with varying thickness. For more dimension to the color palette, I mixed up fabrics in shades of rose, scarlet and burgundy. There is so much vivacity and tenacity in Mother Nature that I wanted to capture in the making of this dress.

Instinctively, I worked with the unruly and passionate blooming of the red rose. Fabric was hand cut, all un-identical, into a rose petal shape. They were plated across the entire ensemble to mimic the natural sprouting and blooms of rose.

A gorgeous, glamorous, scarlet gown would simply not be complete without luxurious crystals of the Swarovski kind- in true Jessicacindy signature. I generously dusted cuts of Swarovski all over the gown. The silver, luminous, crystal glow was a beautiful contrast on the deep scarlet petals- like a blooming bed of roses awakened by the morning dew.


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