Rosa's Dance

The fabric drapes down in a fluid, lively manner that mimics the flow and overlaps of the blooming flower petals of a rose. Cascading rolls of nude silk chiffon peek out from beneath the vivacious rose printed silk chiffon fabric, muting the loud and bright palette of the printed fabric. The velvety smoothness of the material encases the wearer like that of petals.

The beige lattice design carved onto the scarf is a geometrical element that contrasts exquisitely with the natural element of blooms in nature. The clear mesh strip at the waist was a playful detail that gave the illusion of a two-piece ensemble. This design runs in tandem with the Felicity Dress in our 2014 Jessicacindy Collection.

Fun, flirty, yet oh-so-elegant; this dress, with its vibrant print, color and energetic silhouette, seems to be dancing in celebratory delight.

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