Preview of the Oneric East

2 Fridays ago we hosted our guests to a special preview of our latest Cheongsam creations over a delish high tea spread at the stunning Hotel Vagabond.


I had told my team that it was to be a really intimate and cozy event for me to be able to comfortably share more about the three creations and i am really glad it was realised perfectly.

When i first visited the hotel, it felt like i was in another world, it was a wonderland for me, i was really inspired by all the art, the installations the deco and the stories, that i had this idea where in a dream, if the hotel were to come to life, i would envision 3 ladies dressed in these creations that have a touch of the east influenced by the rich heritage surrounding us.

Thus the birth of The Oneric East collection of three beauties, namely from left to right, Dahlia; life of the party, Aurelia; the golden queen, and Kalei; my goddess of serenity.


Would like to thank all my lovely guests for coming, i hope you enjoyed the event as much as i did and big love to the team at Hotel Vagabond for your hospitality!


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