Glorious and majestic are the hand-drawn elements of dragon, blossoms and pussy willows. The drawing is glazed onto the ivory silk in blue ink, like china vases- the translucent ceramic treated in blue and white. 

This cheongsam has clear influences from the Qing Dynasty. Drawing inspiration from plum blossoms for the motifs on the gown, the artwork on the dress is created with gradients of blue thread such that it resembles Chinese porcelain art.

I wanted it to wholly encapsulate the elegance and regality of a beautiful, traditional Chinese woman. Like the sleek curves of a delicate Chinese vase, the silhouette is tailored to glorify the curvatures of a woman’s body.

Oriental grandeur aside, a light touch of fragility is needed for balance, like the elusive porcelain it was inspired by. Transparent but luminous fabric, lined with blossoms, is fashioned above the bust line, creating the illusion of silently creeping flowers that teem across her chest.

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