Of Love & Peaches

A blooming garden of peach blossoms trails the fuchsia aisle of the silky fabric, which drapes diagonally across her bust. A burst of delish colors- the fuchsia-peach ombre fabric inspires a young, sweet summer romance.

The bust is fashioned in a sweet off-shoulder manner; the vibrant, delicate fabric enrobing the wearer in exquisite tight ruches and silk flowers. The tiny, luminescent pearls that dot along the diagonal ruche detail seemingly remind one of dew beads on a spring bed.

The skirt is a flirty delight with the wearer encased in a multifold of bright fuchsia petals that transition into a gorgeous peach colored fabric. It pays homage to the natural patterns of Mother Nature; like how flowers and its petals are never only of one color but an amalgamation of wondrous shades.


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