Mysterious Allure

The evening sunlight filled the room and it was soon time to get ready for the night. She adjusts her hair and stands up, letting the 100% silk black silk chiffon of the dress cascade to the ground. This is Sarah, confident, charming and deeply captivating in her exclusive Jessicacindy creation.

The side panels that enveloped that side profile of the dress accentuated Sarah’s figure, giving the dress an even more feminine touch. Duchess satin used for the panels provided a soft and subtle background for flowers intricately woven from the French lace. This was no ordinary lace; this was lace from Sophie Hallette, a well-established company that has manufactured quality laces since 1887.

Intricate folds adorn the front and back of the dress with 3 Windsor styled knots interlaced at the back, adding a touch of masculinity to the design, making it even more a sight to be admired. This is Sarah, in a dress that was made to be hers, and hers only. A dress that exudes an air of exquisite elegance that matched that of Sarah’s so well.

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