Mulan is a perfect marriage of the classic cheongsam with a fusion of western and oriental style. To give a tinge of modesty to a sexy back, a combination of tulle with a regal mandarin collar helps to conceal the décolletage of the bride. The A-line dress coupled with a mermaid train gives a modern feel, accentuating the figure of the lady.

Despite its simplicity, Mulan exudes a regal sense of elegance like no other. Red duchess satin is mainly used for the body of the dress- a colour that signifies love, passion and heat. The full mermaid train that ends in layers of cloth guarantees to be a show-stopper, granting the bride an additional touch of timelessness.

This amalgamation gives the bride an aura of charisma- commanding the attention of every pair of eyes as she enters the room.

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