Mondial Rose

I always love how, when designing bespoke wedding gowns, a last-minute addition to the design can eventually turn out to be the centrepiece of the entire gown, adding that little extra to an already beautiful gown. And with Gail, that is exactly what happened.

Gail was one of those clients who came in knowing exactly what she wanted: A light textured skirt, with layers of silk organza to recreate a rose petal effect. And when she saw the Amore De Ma Vie dress in my boutique, she knew that would be the inspiration for her wedding dress – a dress that soon came to be known as Floral Dreams.

Essentially, the design is inspired by the handpicked flowers skirt of Amore De Ma Vie, but has less layers for a lighter effect. I used organza silk for the entire gown, but played with shades of off-white, light ivory, and light champagne to create texture. This was especially important for the bustier top, which had layers of organza silk to create a flower petal effect.

However, there was one last addition to be made. Gail’s yellow-and-green themed wedding was to be held at a small church that required brides to have their shoulders, chest and back area fully covered. To fulfil the requirement, I created a detachable organza top with cap sleeves, and embroidered it with cascading flower petals and pearls to match the dress.

When Gail slipped the top on, the effect of the top on the rest of the gown was stunning. It transformed a gown with the subtle sensuality of a bustier cut into a sweet, innocent dreamy piece, which enhanced the beauty of the entire design.

Indeed, while Gail had initially planned to wear the top only for the church ceremony, she loved the overall effect so much that she told me “I might wear this for the whole day!”

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