“So this is love. So this is what makes love divine.”

In Cinderella, her fairy godmother gifted her with a divine ballgown using magic. At Jessicacindy, we use our own magic to transform one dress into two.

The stunning top of this A-line dress is lined with refined lace exquisitely sewn on by the in-house tailors. The lace twines along the decollatage of the bride- along the collarbones and shoulders and onto the three-quarter sleeves, giving off a vibe that is both sweet and sensual. The bustier also boasts of the same elegant lace that continues onto the back, complementing the luscious pearls that line the zipper.

The first look of the dress comes with a flowy white silk skirt, evoking an ethereal feel. The second look is represented by fluffy pink and blue feathered skirts in a form of a short tiered tulle train. This adaptability allows the bride to whirl across the dance floor like a ballerina without have to worry about her fiancé stepping on her train.


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