Ravishing, mesmerising in red; Gabriele stuns us in her bespoke evening gown inspired by the culturally intricate Kimono.

Gabriele shared with me that this bespoke creation was going to be worn at a Tang Dynasty themed wedding. It was such a interesting theme choice and the prospects of crafting something that would befit the theme while complementing Gabriele gentle demeanor was an exciting challenge.

It was said that royalties of the dynasty would wear the colors red, white and blue, which consequently became the color scheme of her bespoke! To play on the Eastern cultural references without it being too garish, I opted for a more subdued kimono silhouette with a ball gown flair. Also, we wanted to give Gabriele the option of wearing this dress in two looks. As such, her ball gown skirt is in fact detachable.

With Jessicacindy, you can expect no detail to be overlooked. We envisioned for the jewel red satin to be laced with a fluttering three-dimensional butterfly and cherry blossom detail. Such that nothing was left to chance, each bloom and butterfly was hand placed and sewn by our artisans.

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