Icon Inspiration

Balancing simplicity, comfort and elegance, Audrey Hepburn’s style is one of the most emulated and admired in the world. Her characteristic off shoulder dress look was the inspiration for this bespoke wedding gown, lovingly crafted for Jiapei.

100% silk chiffon and lace was selected to create graceful drape details on the shoulders, as well as the flowy effect that Jiapei fancies. The romantic floral patterned lace, used as an overlay for the top, complemented the sweet pink gown and added to its femininity.

This gown is extremely versatile for I had designed it such that both the top and skirt are detachable. Thus, Jiapei can easily match either individual piece with other clothing to create new looks for dinner events.

Jiapei was beyond pleased with the gown, and said that some little girls were following her during the wedding, thinking she was a princess from a fairy tale. Indeed, she did look as lovely as Cinderella did at the grand ball.

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