Great Gatsby

The look of glamour and decadence inspired by the 1920s; think rich colours, bespangled dresses and long strings of beads. The finest fabrics of glittered tulle and silk tulle, in the colours of a very bright snow white and sparkly silver, were picked to tailor a gown with a trumpet skirt and low translucent back, subtly and softly enhancing the beauty of one’s womanly curves.

Crystals of different shapes are meticulously arranged on the gown for meaning and intricacy in the design. Atop them are soft tulle flowers, which add the elements of romance and fullness to this creation. A unique highlight of this creation is the changeable dangling details at the back, where even multiple crystal-ornate strings in different lengths can also adorn.

Great Gatsby is all about sophistication and grandeur.  Wear your tresses in a wavy 20s hairstyle to enhance this vintage allure, or for a contemporary twist, dress it in a natural up do.

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