For Diah, I created a series of rich, jewel-toned dresses for her pre-wedding photoshoot in Greece. Set against the picturesque, surreal backdrops of magical Greece, I wanted to create ostentatious pieces that will hold its own amidst all of the magnificence.

Inspired by the fieriness and vivacity of the bold red, I designed a dress with a personality that reflected these qualities. With a high-neck collar, the marvelous creation stands, dignified. The bustier structured with a crisscross pleating technique.

Two types of organza, thick and thin, were woven with a horsehair finish to produce a natural, wavy effect. A continuous layering and folding of such a fabric produced an artistic disorder that resembles that of burning flames. A fiery train of never-ending proportions flows seamlessly from the skirt; it almost seems as though Diah is setting her trail ablaze.


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