Dainty Whimsicality

Debbie’s friendly and cheery demeanour shone in all our meetings, and made the dressmaking process a very enjoyable one. She had a clear picture of her ideal piece – a lace short dress with cap sleeves, which suits her girly personality perfectly. Through our conversations, I also noted that she loves designs that are unique but still classic and sweet, and aimed to incorporate these ideas into the bespoke creation.

The dress, with a classic silhouette of the sweetheart bustier, defined waist and flared skirt, evokes an understated beauty. A rare pattern of Japanese lace was picked as an overlay for the bodice, creating a whimsical 3D effect with its dainty dangling flower trimmings. These, coupled with the V back, worked beautifully to make the dress timeless and yet, exceptional.

More details were meticulously added to further beautify the already lovely dress. For a sweet touch, I added a soft peach bow belt at the back of the dress, and also concentrated flower trimmings around the sleeves to complete the feminine look.

Every little detail added to form Debbie’s dream dress and I am extremely glad that she loves this bespoke creation very much.

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