Glowing in golden, pink, orange radiance under the soft autumn light, amidst falling red leaves, pumpkin fields and cool air, you stood out with such beautiful light.

I am so excited to add this stunner to my collection. As I reminisce about the autumn that had just passed and its beauty, there is a sense of melancholy, grace and subdued elegance which I simply love.

Despite the current season being a festival of colors, more than being bright and upbeat, colors that come to mind are always of a jewel tone; colors that are luxurious and regal. Which is why stumbling upon this glorious roll of baroque fabric was a true delight for it encompasses everything that I had envisioned for the perfect dress.

From afar, this beauty basks in a rose gold radiance that upon closer look, is in fact an amalgamation of pink, gold and mauve colors in the form of an elaborate leaves and floral motif. With a fabric that is so ornate as such, we spared no expenses on its workmanship to craft a dress of impeccable structure.

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