Emerald seas, azure blue skies and whitewashed clay taverns spring to mind when one thinks of the magical country that is Greece. Diah’s once-in-a-lifetime, pre-fairytale moment was going to be pictured against the surreal Grecian backdrop. For her pre-wedding photo shoot, this divine aquamarine gown was crafted to embody the aura of mythology and a Greek goddess.

Like all Greek goddesses, Diah needed a gown that was fluid like sparkling waters, fashioned into a toga. A beautiful, jewel-toned turquoise, fully silk-chiffon fabric was used.

The proportions of this dress were exaggerated slightly, especially, with the sash that flows off her shoulders and the train. This was so because I had a vision of the gown flying with the wind, to almost blend seamlessly, against the backdrop of the seas and skies.

The silver French lace detailing was meticulously pieced onto the dress to add an opaline quality alongside the luscious aquamarine silk-chiffon. Diah glows in this majestic piece; an aquamarine gem found amidst the ancient Greek ruins.

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