Andrea's Bespoke

Andrea Chong (or more commonly known as lifestyle and fashion influencer Drea) is and has been an inspiration for many girls and ladies alike. From our first meeting, I was so overwhelmed by her fresh-faced beauty and sweet personality. I was so excited and eager to embark on our collaboration to craft a unique Jessicacindy creation that was truly Andrea’s.

Andrea’s character and style was reflected in the inspirations for which she brought to me in our first meeting. Thrilled, I began sketching silhouettes and design options I had in mind for this beauty. I am thankful for the great deal of faith Andrea had placed in me, for she immediately jumped at my suggestion of crafting a Jessicacindy gown for her, with a traditional twist of a mandarin collar and exquisite detailing.


With the elegant design of the gown settled, I began working on the perfect silhouette for Andrea’s delicate frame. In her second fitting, a mock-up was crafted to give Andrea and I a sense of how the final gown will hug Andrea’s slender figure flawlessly. Perfecting the fit and silhouette is of monumental importance in dressmaking for I wanted a base that would compliment wonderfully with the design.


During my final fitting with Drea. I simply could not contain my excitement after months of laborious work. Her bespoke gown was finally, almost, complete and truth be told, Andrea looked even more divine than I had imagined. I was ecstatic with the effect of the mandarin collar and intricate lace details for they were such wondrous compliments to Andrea’s poise and flare.

Though Andrea still has a few good years before her glorious wedding day, I think we can all agree that she makes one ravishing, stunner of a bride.

Stay tuned to the post featuring Andrea in the final dress from our studio photography session with her!

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