A Fairytale Wedding

For that once-in-a-lifetime special day, some brides-to-be are prepared to spare no expense to make their wedding day – and their wedding dress – perfect. And for Michelle Fang, this was definitely the case. One of our most luxurious gowns to date is the Full Swarovski Crystal Gown, a frothy confection of London tulle, soft glittered tulle and a sparkling bodice made up of Swarovski crystals in three different sizes and two different shapes.

Michelle came to me looking for a luxurious, dreamy princess gown for her fairytale-themed wedding, and she fell in love with the crystal bodice of the Full Swarovski Crystal Gown, which I adapted into a personalised design to suit the theme of her wedding. Out of several initial sketches, Michelle chose this one:

For a dreamy fairytale effect, I substituted the skirt of the original design with little puffs of soft glittered tulle cascading down the skirt in clouds. I also embroidered a sprinkle of tiny crystals on the skirt to match the luxurious crystal bodice. Scattered randomly on the skirt, the tiny crystals catch the light from different angles, creating an effect that was eye-catchingly beautiful.

As a finishing touch, I added a detachable transparent tulle top, also embellished with crystals across the shoulders and chest area. This top turned out to be Michelle’s favourite part of the dress, and I could see why, because the sparkly crystals set off her snow-white skin perfectly. Indeed, the eye-catching yet classy crystal embellishments made this creation the perfect choice for a romantic fairytale wedding, and both Michelle and I were delighted at how beautifully this dress turned out.


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